Want To Get Fit and Have Fun
Without Feeling Self Conscious?

Unleash The Best Version Of You At In Small Group
Fitness Classes In Mill Park Melbourne

Get Results Or Your Money Back

  • Is the bootcamp at the local park your version of hell?
  • Are you bored and sick of trying to fit in at the gym?
  • Do you feel uncoordinated at aerobic classes?
  • Is yo-yo dieting driving you mad?

Meet Others Just Like You

If you're like most of our members you're sick of being out of shape and want to improve your
figure and your confidence. In fact you've probably already tried several options
without much success. You need a solution that's tailored to you, without the
personal training price tag, and we have that.

Get in shape




Just Take A Look At What Janet Lawson Had To Say About Her Experience With Us

"I love myself! I love the person that I have become. I'm now a size 8-10. I have lost 10kgs & 42 cm overall & I am strong mentally and physically. Losing cm is more important to me, but I set a goal to weigh 60kg. And I did that in December. Since then I dropped another 3kgs and I am astounded, I have not been this light since I was 14.

I get off the couch because of the atmosphere & empowerment that Terri & all the trainers give me. They know I have more to give and they push me. And I love it. They make me proud of myself."

How Do Our Group Fitness Classes work?

Our Group Fitness Classes are aimed at busy mums who need a way to get fit that considers with their hectic life. When the children are doing their homework, or safely in bed, it's time for you to get the most from your life, to get out there, get in shape and make friends. We look at fitness classes as a whole event:

We provide a wide range of classes and you choose which ones you want to take.

    Adapted from the Pilates principals to develop your core stability
    If you're just starting these are for you
    For those parts of the body that you want to look great
    Get those places where the weight lingers, back in shape
    Sculpt those arms so you can show them off instead of covering them up
    Great for stress relief and a maximum cardio workout
  • Smash H.I.I.T.
    For those who have a strong enough will, work for 30 minutes at 80% of your maximum capacity

Whatever your level, and whatever your aim, there is a class that will suit you

Or Call 0429 320 511 To Find Out Which Classes You Should Do

What If My Current Fitness Level Is Poor?

You don't have to be super fit to join our classes, that's the point. Take the case of Laura Smith:

Laura joined the classes wanting to lose weight, but it was far more complicated than that. She suffered with asthma and other health issues and initially had issues with the classes and joining in due to often just generally feeling ill. Twelve months later, Laura has lost all the weight she wanted to, and more. She still has some health issues but has learned how to manage her fitness around them and is exercising 3 to 4 times per week.

Why Do We Understand Your Needs So Well?

It comes from our origins with founder Terri Batsakis who has had issues with her weight throughout her life; at her heaviest she weighed 94kg. It started in her teens when suffered from anorexia. Add to this issues with cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome, depression, anxiety, a spinal fusion and trouble conceiving and you can see why Terri appreciates the problems you may encounter in your life and why you need a supportive community.

So What Is Stopping You From Taking That Step And Joining Us?

"I'm Self-Conscious"
Don't worry you're in good company, in fact why not come along and watch for free, you'll see how many like-minded people are in our classes.

"I don't have enough time"
We know mums are very busy people so we have 30 minute classes where you can come, get straight into it and then leave straight away.

"I don't have a huge budget"
We have easy and affordable fortnightly payment options and guarantee our results or your money back.

"I can't do the exercise"
Our qualified trainers are here to help you and will adapt an exercise if you have an injury or are just plain struggling with a particular exercise.

Sounds Expensive? It's Not...

It's far cheaper than a gym membership with classes priced between $10.50 and $15.50 depending on the class. Compare this to average gym membership fees of $99 per month and an average casual fitness class of $18.Plus we have a money back guarantee (What gyms offer that?).

100% Money Back Guarantee Stick with the course for eight weeks and if you don't get any results you get your money back.

Hurry! Classes are capped at 30 people

Still Have Questions?

  • What if I can't make a class I have paid for?
    A: You are welcome to make up any missed classes during the same 8 week Round, provided there is a vacancy in an alternate class.
  • How long is the course commitment?
    A: Each round runs for 8 weeks, so no long term commitments or membership fees.
  • Where are the classes held?
    A: Mill Park
  • What if I still have more questions?
    A: Click here and contact us directly with your question.
  • Is it outside in the rain and the cold?
    A: Not at all, we have permanent leasing in halls to keep you safe from the elements outside
  • Are these run in the early morning?
    A: No, all our classes are conducted in the evenings after work, and after picking the kids up from school.
  • Can I bring a friend with me?
    A: We don't allow drop ins to join our classes, however you are welcome to invite them to come watch. If they join up you get a 10% discount (Recruit 10 people and your classes become free)